George Friedman-Jimenez

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George Friedman-Jimenez, M.D.

Assistant Professor;
Departments of Population Health (Epidemiology), Environmental Medicine and Medicine (Medicine)

Contact Info

Bellevue / NYU Occupational & Environmental Medicine Clinic
462 First Ave, Room A722 Floor Administration Bldg Room A722
Old Bellevue
New York, NY 10016

347-852-8376, 212-562-4572

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1978-1982 — Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Medical Education
1982-1984 — Cambridge Hospital - Harvard Medical School, Residency
1984-1985 — Residency, Internal Medicine - Montefiore Medical Center, Residency
1985-1987 — Occupational Medicine - Mt. Sinai Hospital Dr. Friedman-Jimenez directs the Bellevue Occupational Medicine Clinic, Clinical Fellowships
1987-1990 — Columbia University Division of Epidemiology, PostDoctoral Training

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Research Interests

His research interests are in occupational epidemiology and clinical epidemiology.

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Frequency dependence of compliance in the evaluation of patients with