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Wenbiao Gan, Ph.D.

Department of Neuroscience and Physiology (Skirball) and Molecular Neurobiology

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540 First Avenue
Floor 5 Room lab 4
Skirball Institute
New York, NY 10016-6481


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Antipsychotics Activate mTORC1-Dependent Translation to Enhance Neuronal Morphological Complexity
Bowling, Heather; Zhang, Guoan; Bhattacharya, Aditi; Perez-Cuesta, Luis M; Deinhardt, Katrin; Hoeffer, Charles A; Neubert, Thomas A; Gan, Wen-Biao; Klann, Eric; Chao, Moses V
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Abnormal mitochondrial transport and morphology are common pathological denominators in SOD1 and TDP43 ALS mouse models
Magrane, Jordi; Cortez, Czrina; Gan, Wen-Biao; Manfredi, Giovanni
2014 Mar;23(6):1413-1424, Human molecular genetics
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Sleep promotes branch-specific formation of dendritic spines after learning
Yang, Guang; Lai, Cora Sau Wan; Cichon, Joseph; Ma, Lei; Li, Wei; Gan, Wen-Biao
2014 Jun;344(6188):1173-1178, Science
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Two-photon-excited fluorescence microscopy as a tool to investigate the efficacy of methylprednisolone in a mouse spinal cord injury model
Zhang, Yiling; Zhang, Lihai; Shen, Jing; Chen, Chao; Mao, Zhi; Li, Wei; Gan, Wen-Biao; Tang, Peifu
2014 Apr;39(8):E493-E499, Spine
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The Pattern of Cortical Dysfunction in a Mouse Model of a Schizophrenia-Related Microdeletion
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2013 Sep;33(37):14825-14839, Journal of neuroscience
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Circadian glucocorticoid oscillations promote learning-dependent synapse formation and maintenance
Liston, Conor; Cichon, Joseph M; Jeanneteau, Freddy; Jia, Zhengping; Chao, Moses V; Gan, Wen-Biao
2013 Jun;16(6):698-705, Nature neuroscience
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Microglia Promote Learning-Dependent Synapse Formation through Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor
Parkhurst, Christopher N; Yang, Guang; Ninan, Ipe; Savas, Jeffrey N; Yates, John R 3rd; Lafaille, Juan J; Hempstead, Barbara L; Littman, Dan R; Gan, Wen-Biao
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Transcranial two-photon imaging of synaptic structures in the cortex of awake head-restrained mice
Yang, Guang; Pan, Feng; Chang, Paul C; Gooden, Frank; Gan, Wen-Biao
2013 ;1010:35-43, Methods in molecular biology
— id: 415082, year: 2013, vol: 1010, page: 35, stat: Journal Article,

Peripheral elevation of TNF-alpha leads to early synaptic abnormalities in the mouse somatosensory cortex in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Yang, Guang; Parkhurst, Christopher N; Hayes, Scott; Gan, Wen-Biao
2013 Jun;110(25):10306-10311, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
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Imaging Neural Activity Using Thy1-GCaMP Transgenic Mice
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2012 Oct;76(2):297-308, Neuron
— id: 183042, year: 2012, vol: 76, page: 297, stat: Journal Article,

A Multisite Study of the Clinical Diagnosis of Different Autism Spectrum Disorders
Lord C; Petkova E; Hus V; Gan W; Lu F; Martin DM; Ousley O; Guy L; Bernier R; Gerdts J; Algermissen M; Whitaker A; Sutcliffe JS; Warren Z; Klin A; Saulnier C; Hanson E; Hundley R; Piggot J; Fombonne E; Steiman M; Miles J; Kanne SM; Goin-Kochel RP; Peters SU; Cook EH; Guter S; Tjernagel J; Green-Snyder LA; Bishop S; Esler A; Gotham K; Luyster R; Miller F; Olson J; Richler J; Risi S
2012 Mar;69(3):306-313, Archives of general psychiatry
— id: 142976, year: 2012, vol: 69, page: 306, stat: Journal Article,

Sleep contributes to dendritic spine formation and elimination in the developing mouse somatosensory cortex
Yang, Guang; Gan, Wen-Biao
2012 Nov;72(11):1391-1398, Developmental neurobiology
— id: 179258, year: 2012, vol: 72, page: 1391, stat: Journal Article,

In vivo studies of microglial function in synaptic plasticity
Gan W.
2011 ;36:S40-S40, Neuropsychopharmacology
— id: 147763, year: 2011, vol: 36, page: S40, stat: Journal Article,

Transcranial two-photon imaging of the living mouse brain
Grutzendler, Jaime; Yang, Guang; Pan, Feng; Parkhurst, Christopher N; Gan, Wen-Biao
2011 ;2011(9):?-?, Cold Spring Harbor protocols
— id: 137133, year: 2011, vol: 2011, page: ?, stat: Journal Article,

Glucocorticoids are critical regulators of dendritic spine development and plasticity in vivo
Liston, Conor; Gan, Wen-Biao
2011 Sep 20;108(38):16074-16079, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
— id: 137844, year: 2011, vol: 108, page: 16074, stat: Journal Article,

Transient Effects of Anesthetics on Dendritic Spines and Filopodia in the Living Mouse Cortex
Yang G; Chang PC; Bekker A; Blanck TJ; Gan WB
2011 Oct;115(4):718-726, Anesthesiology
— id: 137134, year: 2011, vol: 115, page: 718, stat: Journal Article,

In vivo imaging neuronal recovery in neuroinflammation
Gan Wanbiao; Christopher, Parkhurst; Scott, Hayes; Gan Wen-Biao
2010 NOV 15 ;228(1-2):145-145, Journal of neuroimmunology
— id: 120558, year: 2010, vol: 228, page: 145, stat: Journal Article,

Dendritic spine instability and insensitivity to modulation by sensory experience in a mouse model of fragile X syndrome
Pan, Feng; Aldridge, Georgina M; Greenough, William T; Gan, Wen-Biao
2010 Oct 12;107(41):17768-17773, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
— id: 113804, year: 2010, vol: 107, page: 17768, stat: Journal Article,

Microglia dynamics and function in the CNS
Parkhurst, Christopher N; Gan, Wen-Biao
2010 Oct;20(5):595-600, Current opinion in neurobiology
— id: 138196, year: 2010, vol: 20, page: 595, stat: Journal Article,

Thinned-skull cranial window technique for long-term imaging of the cortex in live mice
Yang, Guang; Pan, Feng; Parkhurst, Christopher N; Grutzendler, Jaime; Gan, Wen-Biao
2010 Jan;5(2):201-208, Nature protocols
— id: 106596, year: 2010, vol: 5, page: 201, stat: Journal Article,

Dendritic spine dynamics
Bhatt, D Harshad; Zhang, Shengxiang; Gan, Wen-Biao
2009 ;71:261-282, Annual review of physiology
— id: 100626, year: 2009, vol: 71, page: 261, stat: Journal Article,

Experience-dependent dendritic spine dynamics in the mouse cortex
Gan, WB; Yang, G; Pan, F
2009 FEB ;65(1):S7-S7, Neuroscience research
— id: 106960, year: 2009, vol: 65, page: S7, stat: Journal Article,

Ballistic delivery of dyes for structural and functional studies of the nervous system
Gan, Wen-Biao; Grutzendler, Jaime; Wong, Rachel O; Lichtman, Jeff W
2009 Apr;2009(4):pdb.prot5202-pdb.prot5202, Cold Spring Harbor protocols
— id: 112400, year: 2009, vol: 2009, page: pdb.prot5202, stat: Journal Article,

Ankyrin Repeat-rich Membrane Spanning/Kidins220 protein regulates dendritic branching and spine stability in vivo
Wu, Synphen H; Arevalo, Juan Carlos; Sarti, Federica; Tessarollo, Lino; Gan, Wen-Biao; Chao, Moses V
2009 Aug;69(9):547-557, Developmental neurobiology
— id: 100607, year: 2009, vol: 69, page: 547, stat: Journal Article,

Stably maintained dendritic spines are associated with lifelong memories
Yang, Guang; Pan, Feng; Gan, Wen-Biao
2009 Dec 17;462(7275):920-924, Nature
— id: 105966, year: 2009, vol: 462, page: 920, stat: Journal Article,

Long-term two-photon transcranial imaging of synaptic structures in the living brain
Grutzendler, Jaime; Gan, Wen-Biao
2007 ;2007:pdb.prot4766-pdb.prot4766 pdb.prot4766, Cold Spring Harbor protocols
— id: 937742, year: 2007, vol: 2007, page: pdb.prot4766, stat: Journal Article,

Various dendritic abnormalities are associated with fibrillar amyloid deposits in Alzheimer's disease
Grutzendler, Jaime; Helmin, Kathryn; Tsai, Julia; Gan, Wen-Biao
2007 Feb;1097:30-39, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
— id: 71869, year: 2007, vol: 1097, page: 30, stat: Journal Article,

Choice of cranial window type for in vivo imaging affects dendritic spine turnover in the cortex
Xu, Hua-Tai; Pan, Feng; Yang, Guang; Gan, Wen-Biao
2007 May;10(5):549-551, Nature neuroscience
— id: 73017, year: 2007, vol: 10, page: 549, stat: Journal Article,

Recent advances in basic neurosciences and brain disease: from synapses to behavior
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2006 ;2:38-38, Molecular pain
— id: 112401, year: 2006, vol: 2, page: 38, stat: Journal Article,

Two-photon imaging of synaptic plasticity and pathology in the living mouse brain
Grutzendler, Jaime; Gan, Wen-Biao
2006 Oct;3(4):489-496, NeuroRx
— id: 112403, year: 2006, vol: 3, page: 489, stat: Journal Article,

The P2Y12 receptor regulates microglial activation by extracellular nucleotides
Haynes, Sharon E; Hollopeter, Gunther; Yang, Guang; Kurpius, Dana; Dailey, Michael E; Gan, Wen-Biao; Julius, David
2006 Dec;9(12):1512-1519, Nature neuroscience
— id: 112402, year: 2006, vol: 9, page: 1512, stat: Journal Article,

ATP mediates rapid microglial response to local brain injury in vivo
Davalos, Dimitrios; Grutzendler, Jaime; Yang, Guang; Kim, Jiyun V; Zuo, Yi; Jung, Steffen; Littman, Dan R; Dustin, Michael L; Gan, Wen-Biao
2005 Jun;8(6):752-758, Nature neuroscience
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Defective neuromuscular synapses in mice lacking amyloid precursor protein (APP) and APP-Like protein 2
Wang, Pei; Yang, Guang; Mosier, Dennis R; Chang, Paul; Zaidi, Tahire; Gong, Yan-Dao; Zhao, Nan-Ming; Dominguez, Bertha; Lee, Kuo-Fen; Gan, Wen-Biao; Zheng, Hui
2005 Feb 2;25(5):1219-1225, Journal of neuroscience
— id: 112406, year: 2005, vol: 25, page: 1219, stat: Journal Article,

Reduced synaptic vesicle density and active zone size in mice lacking amyloid precursor protein (APP) and APP-like protein 2
Yang, Guang; Gong, Yan-Dao; Gong, Kai; Jiang, Wu-Ling; Kwon, Elaine; Wang, Pei; Zheng, Hui; Zhang, Xiu-Fang; Gan, Wen-Biao; Zhao, Nan-Ming
2005 Aug 12-19;384(1-2):66-71, Neuroscience letters
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A model of mini-embolic stroke offers measurements of the neurovascular unit response in the living mouse
Zhang, Zheng Gang; Zhang, Li; Ding, Guangliang; Jiang, Quan; Zhang, Rui Lan; Zhang, Xueguo; Gan, Wen-Biao; Chopp, Michael
2005 Dec;36(12):2701-2704, Stroke
— id: 112404, year: 2005, vol: 36, page: 2701, stat: Journal Article,

Development of long-term dendritic spine stability in diverse regions of cerebral cortex
Zuo, Yi; Lin, Aerie; Chang, Paul; Gan, Wen-Biao
2005 Apr 21;46(2):181-189, Neuron
— id: 55610, year: 2005, vol: 46, page: 181, stat: Journal Article,

Long-term sensory deprivation prevents dendritic spine loss in primary somatosensory cortex
Zuo, Yi; Yang, Guang; Kwon, Elaine; Gan, Wen-Biao
2005 Jul 14;436(7048):261-265, Nature
— id: 56375, year: 2005, vol: 436, page: 261, stat: Journal Article,

Axon branch removal at developing synapses by axosome shedding
Bishop, Derron L; Misgeld, Thomas; Walsh, Mark K; Gan, Wen-Biao; Lichtman, Jeff W
2004 Nov 18;44(4):651-661, Neuron
— id: 57697, year: 2004, vol: 44, page: 651, stat: Journal Article,

Age-associated synapse elimination in mouse parasympathetic ganglia
Coggan, Jay S; Grutzendler, Jaime; Bishop, Derron L; Cook, Melissa R; Gan, Wenbiao; Heym, Jason; Lichtman, Jeff W
2004 Aug;60(2):214-226, Journal of neurobiology
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Solid-phase synthesis of styryl dyes and their application as amyloid sensors
Li, Qian; Lee, Jun-Seok; Ha, Chanki; Park, Chan Beum; Yang, Guang; Gan, Wen Biao; Chang, Young-Tae
2004 Nov 26;43(46):6331-6335, Angewandte chemie. International edition in english
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In vivo imaging of prion amyloid deposits
Sadowski, M; Pankiewicz, J; Scholtzova, H; Tsai, J; Carp, RI; Meeker, HC; Debnath, M; Mathis, CA; Shao, L; Klunk, WE; Gan, WB; Wisniewski, T
2004 JUL ;25(10):S280-S281, Neurobiology of aging
— id: 47732, year: 2004, vol: 25, page: S280, stat: Journal Article,

Detection of prion amyloid deposits in vivo
Sadowski, Marcin; Pankiewicz, Joanna; Scholtzova, Henrieta; Tsai, Julia; Carp, Richard I.; Meeker, Cliff H.; Gan, Wen-Biao; Klunk, William E.; Mathis, Chester A.; Shao, Li; Debnath, Manik; Wisniewski, Thomas
2004 ;62(7, Suppl. 5):A446-A447, Neurology
— id: 97609, year: 2004, vol: 62, page: A446, stat: Journal Article,

Targeting prion amyloid deposits in vivo
Sadowski, Marcin; Pankiewicz, Joanna; Scholtzova, Henrieta; Tsai, Julia; Li, Yongsheng; Carp, Richard I; Meeker, Harry C; Gambetti, Pierluigi; Debnath, Manik; Mathis, Chester A; Shao, Li; Gan, Wen-Biao; Klunk, William E; Wisniewski, Thomas
2004 Jul;63(7):775-784, Journal of neuropathology & experimental neurology
— id: 44512, year: 2004, vol: 63, page: 775, stat: Journal Article,

Fibrillar amyloid deposition leads to local synaptic abnormalities and breakage of neuronal branches
Tsai, Julia; Grutzendler, Jaime; Duff, Karen; Gan, Wen-Biao
2004 Nov;7(11):1181-1183, Nature neuroscience
— id: 48078, year: 2004, vol: 7, page: 1181, stat: Journal Article,

Imaging and therapeutic approaches for beta-sheet structures in prion and Alzheimer's diseases
Wisniewski, T; Pankiewicz, J; Scholtzova, H; Fernando, G; Chabalgoity, JA; Ji, Y; Wadghiri, YZ; Gan, WB; Tang, CY; Turnbull, DH; Mathis, CA; Kascsak, R; Klunk, WE; Carp, RI; Frangione, B; Sigurdsson, EM; Sadowski, M
2004 ;25(2):S30-S31, Neurobiology of aging
— id: 97595, year: 2004, vol: 25, page: S30, stat: Journal Article,

In vivo imaging of amyloid plaques in AD and prion disease model mice
Wisniewski, T; Sigurdsson, EM; Wadghiri, YZ; Carp, R; Tang, CY; Turnbull, DH; Mathis, C; Klunk, WE; Gan, WB; Sadowski, M
2004 APR ;25(12):S29-S29, Neurobiology of aging
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Glutamate-dependent stabilization of presynaptic terminals
Gan, Wen-Biao
2003 Jun 5;38(5):677-678, Neuron
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Synaptic dynamism measured over minutes to months: age-dependent decline in an autonomic ganglion
Gan, Wen-Biao; Kwon, Elaine; Feng, Guoping; Sanes, Joshua R; Lichtman, Jeff W
2003 Sep;6(9):956-960, Nature neuroscience
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Rapid labeling of neuronal populations by ballistic delivery of fluorescent dyes
Grutzendler, Jaime; Tsai, Julia; Gan, Wen-Biao
2003 May;30(1):79-85, Methods
— id: 39245, year: 2003, vol: 30, page: 79, stat: Journal Article,

Apolipoprotein E isoform-specific regulation of dendritic spine morphology in apolipoprotein E transgenic mice and Alzheimer's disease patients
Ji, Y; Gong, Y; Gan, W; Beach, T; Holtzman, D M; Wisniewski, T
2003 ;122(2):305-315, Neuroscience
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Rapid labeling of neuronal structures in post-mortem human brain by ballistic delivery of lipophilic dyes
Grutzendler, J; Gong, YD; Gan, WB; Wisniewski, T
2002 Jul-Aug;23(1):1762-, Neurobiology of aging
— id: 32435, year: 2002, vol: 23, page: 1762, stat: Journal Article,

Long-term dendritic spine stability in the adult cortex
Grutzendler, Jaime; Kasthuri, Narayanan; Gan, Wen-Biao
2002 Dec 19-26;420(6917):812-816, Nature
— id: 39348, year: 2002, vol: 420, page: 812, stat: Journal Article,

Apolipoprotein E expression modulates neuronal spine density in an isotype specific manner in transgenic mice
Ji, Y; Gong, YD; Gan, WB; Wisniewski, T
2002 Jul-Aug;23(1):1472-, Neurobiology of aging
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Imaging calcium dynamics in the nervous system by means of ballistic delivery of indicators
Kettunen, Petronella; Demas, Jay; Lohmann, Christian; Kasthuri, Narayanan; Gong, Yandao; Wong, Rachel O L; Gan, Wen-Biao
2002 Sep 15;119(1):37-43, Journal of neuroscience methods
— id: 112409, year: 2002, vol: 119, page: 37, stat: Journal Article,

Local synaptic abnormalities associated with fibrillar beta- amyloid in APP and PS1 double transgenic mice
Tsai, J; Gan, WB; Matsuoka, Y; Duff, K
2002 ;Suppl 1(757-757):Jul-Aug 1, Neurobiology of aging
— id: 32415, year: 2002, vol: Suppl 1, page: Jul, stat: Journal Article,

Asynchronous synapse elimination in neonatal motor units: studies using GFP transgenic mice
Keller-Peck, C R; Walsh, M K; Gan, W B; Feng, G; Sanes, J R; Lichtman, J W
2001 Aug 16;31(3):381-394, Neuron
— id: 141724, year: 2001, vol: 31, page: 381, stat: Journal Article,

Multicolor "DiOlistic" labeling of the nervous system using lipophilic dye combinations
Gan WB; Grutzendler J; Wong WT; Wong RO; Lichtman JW
2000 Aug;27(2):219-225, Neuron
— id: 11502, year: 2000, vol: 27, page: 219, stat: Journal Article,

TrkB works at postsynaptic sites
Gan WB
1999 Nov;24(3):491-492, Neuron
— id: 8378, year: 1999, vol: 24, page: 491, stat: Journal Article,

Vital imaging and ultrastructural analysis of individual axon terminals labeled by iontophoretic application of lipophilic dye
Gan, W B; Bishop, D L; Turney, S G; Lichtman, J W
1999 Oct 30;93(1):13-20, Journal of neuroscience methods
— id: 141723, year: 1999, vol: 93, page: 13, stat: Journal Article,

Synaptic segregation at the developing neuromuscular junction
Gan WB; Lichtman JW
1998 Nov 20;282(5393):1508-1511, Science
— id: 8377, year: 1998, vol: 282, page: 1508, stat: Journal Article,