Adrian I Erlebacher

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Adrian I Erlebacher, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor; Co-Director, Pathobiology Graduate Training
Department of Pathology (Pathology)

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550 First Ave.
Floor 3rd Room Smilow 311
Smilow Research Building
New York, NY 10016


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1997 — UCSF, Graduate Education
1999 — UCSF, Medical Education

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Neutrophil recruitment into premalignant lesions differentially influences tumor growth versus progression
Blaisdell, A; Daikoku, T; Tay, C S; Dey, S; Erlebacher, A
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T cell behavior at the maternal-fetal interface
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Immunology of the maternal-fetal interface
Erlebacher, Adrian
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Mechanisms of T cell tolerance towards the allogeneic fetus
Erlebacher, Adrian
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Cis-acting pathways selectively enforce the non-immunogenicity of shed placental antigen for maternal CD8 T cells
Tay, Chin-Siean; Tagliani, Elisa; Collins, Mary K; Erlebacher, Adrian
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Cellular and molecular orchestration of premalignant inflammation
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[Epigenetic repression of chemokine expression at the maternal-fetal interface as a mechanism of feto-maternal tolerance]
Nancy, Patrice; Erlebacher, Adrian
2012 Dec;28(12):1037-1039, M/S: medecine sciences
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Chemokine gene silencing in decidual stromal cells limits T cell access to the maternal-fetal interface
Nancy, Patrice; Tagliani, Elisa; Tay, Chin-Siean; Asp, Patrik; Levy, David E; Erlebacher, Adrian
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Fetal programming and environmental exposures: implications for prenatal care and preterm birth
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Strangers no more: Uterine NK cell recognition of the placenta in mice
Erlebacher, Adrian
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miR-30b/30d Regulation of GalNAc Transferases Enhances Invasion and Immunosuppression during Metastasis
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Acquisition and presentation of follicular dendritic cell-bound antigen by lymph node-resident dendritic cells
McCloskey, Megan L; Curotto de Lafaille, Maria A; Carroll, Michael C; Erlebacher, Adrian
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Dendritic cell function at the maternal-fetal interface
Tagliani, Elisa; Erlebacher, Adrian
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Coordinate regulation of tissue macrophage and dendritic cell population dynamics by CSF-1
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Immune surveillance of the maternal/fetal interface: controversies and implications
Erlebacher, Adrian
2010 Jul;21(7):428-434, Trends in endocrinology & metabolism
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Dendritic cell entrapment within the pregnant uterus inhibits immune surveillance of the maternal/fetal interface in mice
Collins, Mary K; Tay, Chin-Siean; Erlebacher, Adrian
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Constraints in antigen presentation severely restrict T cell recognition of the allogeneic fetus
Erlebacher, Adrian; Vencato, Daniela; Price, Kelly A; Zhang, Dorothy; Glimcher, Laurie H
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Trophoblast shedding and its immunological consequences
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Cytotrophoblast induction of arterial apoptosis and lymphangiogenesis in an in vivo model of human placentation
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Differential transcription of Eomes and T-bet during maturation of mouse uterine natural killer cells
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Maintenance of mouse trophoblast stem cell proliferation by TGF-beta/activin
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Ovarian insufficiency and early pregnancy loss induced by activation of the innate immune system
Erlebacher, Adrian; Zhang, Dorothy; Parlow, Albert F; Glimcher, Laurie H
2004 Jul;114(1):39-48, Journal of clinical investigation
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National Institute on Drug Abuse Conference report on placental proteins, drug transport, and fetal development
Thadani, Pushpa V; Strauss, Jerome F 3rd; Dey, Sudhansu K; Anderson, Virginia M; Audus, Kenneth L; Coats, Karen S; Cross, James C; Erlebacher, Adrian; Ganapathy, Vadivel; Linzer, Daniel I; Miller, Richard K; Novak, Donald A; Rapaka, Rao S; Sadovsky, Yoel; Salafia, Carolyn M; Soares, Michael; Unadkat, Jashvant
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Intrinsic susceptibility of mouse trophoblasts to natural killer cell-mediated attack in vivo
Erlebacher, Adrian; Lukens, Amanda K; Glimcher, Laurie H
2002 Dec 24;99(26):16940-16945, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
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Why isn't the fetus rejected?
Erlebacher A
2001 Oct;13(5):590-593, Current opinion in immunology
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Inhibition of TGF-beta receptor signaling in osteoblasts leads to decreased bone remodeling and increased trabecular bone mass
Filvaroff E; Erlebacher A; Ye J; Gitelman SE; Lotz J; Heillman M; Derynck R
1999 Oct;126(19):4267-4279, Development
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Osteoblastic responses to TGF-beta during bone remodeling
Erlebacher A; Filvaroff EH; Ye JQ; Derynck R
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Increased expression of TGF-beta 2 in osteoblasts results in an osteoporosis-like phenotype
Erlebacher A; Derynck R
1996 Jan;132(1-2):195-210, Journal of cell biology
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Toward a molecular understanding of skeletal development
Erlebacher A; Filvaroff EH; Gitelman SE; Derynck R
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Despite expression in embryonic visceral mesoderm, H2.0 is not essential for Drosophila visceral muscle morphogenesis
Barad M; Erlebacher A; McGinnis W
1991 ;12(3):206-211, Developmental genetics
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