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Herbert Dyrszka, M.D.

Clinical Instructor;
Department of Medicine (Gastro Div)

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60 Gramercy Park North - 1B
New York, NY 10010


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Complicated common duct stones treated with extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy
Gibelisco, R; Dyrszka, H
1995 Oct;42(4):378-379, Gastrointestinal endoscopy
— id: 691612, year: 1995, vol: 42, page: 378, stat: Journal Article,

AIDS-related hepatic Kaposi's sarcoma: massive bleeding following liver biopsy
Gottesman, D; Dyrszka, H; Albarran, J; Hilfer, J
1993 May;88(5):762-764, American journal of gastroenterology
— id: 691622, year: 1993, vol: 88, page: 762, stat: Journal Article,

Lithotripsy plus ursodiol is superior to ursodiol alone for cholesterol gallstones
Tint, G S; Dyrszka, H; Sanghavi, B; Patel, G; Patel, S; Shefer, S; Salen, G
1992 Jun;102(6):2042-2049, Gastroenterology
— id: 608592, year: 1992, vol: 102, page: 2042, stat: Journal Article,

Sonographic gallstone patterns are of value in predicting the outcome of biliary lithotripsy
Dyrszka, H; Patel, S; Sanghavi, B; Patel, G; Byk, C; Salen, G
1991 Nov;86(11):1626-1628, American journal of gastroenterology
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Intraoperative endoscopy: beyond bowel
Dyrszka, H
1987 Jun;33(3):270-270, Gastrointestinal endoscopy
— id: 691642, year: 1987, vol: 33, page: 270, stat: Journal Article,

Esophageal involvement in acanthosis nigricans
Dyrszka, H; Sanghavi, B; Peddamatham, K; Cruz, E
1984 May;84(5):256-258, New York state journal of medicine
— id: 691652, year: 1984, vol: 84, page: 256, stat: Journal Article,

Hepatic hydatid disease: findings on endoscopic retrograde cholangiography
Dyrszka, H; Sanghavi, B; Peddamatham, K
1983 Aug;29(3):248-249, Gastrointestinal endoscopy
— id: 691662, year: 1983, vol: 29, page: 248, stat: Journal Article,

Perforation of peptic ulcer durng endoscopy
Dyrszka, H
1980 Aug;25(8):637-637, Digestive diseases & sciences
— id: 691672, year: 1980, vol: 25, page: 637, stat: Journal Article,

The distribution of HLA-Antigens in German patients with idiopathic hemochromatosis
Dyrszka, H; Eberhardt, G; Eckert, G
1979 May;57(10):529-531, Klinische wochenschrift
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[Cholecystography before liver blind puncture?]
Dyrszka, H
1978 Mar;103(10):434-434, Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift (1946)
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HLA-phenotype and hemochromatosis in Germany
Dyrszka, H; Eberhardt, G; Eckert, G
1978 Sep;75(3):555-556, Gastroenterology
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Hepatic toxicity in the rhesus monkey treated with chenodeoxycholic acid for 6 months: biochemical and ultrastructural studies
Dyrszka, H; Salen, G; Zaki, F G; Chen, T; Mosbach, E H
1976 Jan;70(1):93-104, Gastroenterology
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Toxicity of chenodeoxycholic acid in the rhesus monkey
Dyrszka, H; Chen, T; Salen, G; Mosbach, E H
1975 Aug;69(2):333-337, Gastroenterology
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Letter Prevention of chenodeoxycholic-acid toxicity with lincomycin
Salen, G; Dyrszka, H; Chen, T; Saltzman, W H; Mosbach, E H
1975 May;1(7915):1082-1082, Lancet
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Inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis by chenodeoxycholic acid in the rhesus monkey
Shefer, S; Salen, G; Fedorowski, T; Dyrszka, H; Mosbach, E H
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