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Eric Donnenfeld

Clinical Professor, Department of Ophthalmology

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December consultation #5
Donnenfeld, Eric D; Trubnik, Valerie
2014-12-29; 0886-3350,Journal of cateract & refractive surgery - id: 1416222, year: 2015 Journal Article

Femtosecond laser will be the standard method for cataract extraction ten years from now
Ranka, Milan; Donnenfeld, Eric D
2015-04-06; 1879-3304,Survey of ophthalmology - id: 1519812, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Reshaping procedures for the surgical management of corneal ectasia
Ziaei, Mohammed; Barsam, Allon; Shamie, Neda; Vroman, David; Kim, Terry; Donnenfeld, Eric D; Holland, Edward J; Kanellopoulos, John; Mah, Francis S; Randleman, J Bradley; Daya, Sheraz; Guell, Jose
2015-04-06; 1873-4502,Journal of cateract & refractive surgery - id: 1519782, year: 2015 REVIEW

Prospective evaluation of microinvasive glaucoma surgery with trabecular microbypass stents and prostaglandin in open-angle glaucoma
Ahmed, Iqbal Ike K; Katz, L Jay; Chang, David F; Donnenfeld, Eric D; Solomon, Kerry D; Voskanyan, Lilit; Samuelson, Thomas W
2014-08-10; 0886-3350,Journal of cateract & refractive surgery - id: 1105182, year: 2014 Journal Article

The effect of femtosecond laser capsulotomy on the development of posterior capsule opacification
Kovacs, Illes; Kranitz, Kinga; Sandor, Gabor L; Knorz, Michael C; Donnenfeld, Eric D; Nuijts, Rudy M; Nagy, Zoltan Z
2014-04-28; 1081-597x,Journal of refractive surgery - id: 919302, year: 2014 Journal Article