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Matthew Diamond

Clinical Instructor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Rehabilitation Medicine

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Early knee changes in dancers identified by ultra-high-field 7 T MRI
Chang, G; Diamond, M; Nevsky, G; Regatte, R R; Weiss, D S
2013-01-29; 0905-7188,Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports - id: 212562, year: 2013 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Micro-finite element analysis applied to high-resolution MRI reveals improved bone mechanical competence in the distal femur of female pre-professional dancers
Chang, G; Rajapakse, C S; Diamond, M; Honig, S; Recht, M P; Weiss, D S; Regatte, R R
2012-08-30; 0937-941X,Osteoporosis international - id: 176417, year: 2012 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Mobile Health: Exploring Attitudes Among Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians Toward this Emerging Element of Health Delivery
Elwood, Douglas; Diamond, Matthew C; Heckman, Jeffrey; Bonder, Jaclyn H; Beltran, Jacqueline E; Moroz, Alex; Yip, Jeffrey
2012-02-05; 1934-1563,PM&R - id: 135578, year: 2011

Identification of putative functional domains of human trefoil factor family-3 (TFF3)
Diamond, Matthew; Bao, Xiuliang; Weinstein, Harel; Werther, Lawrence; Itzkowitz, Steven H
2015-07-28; 0016-5085,Gastroenterology - id: 1685422, year: 2008

Trefoil factor family-1 mutations enhance gastric cancer cell invasion through distinct signaling pathways
Yio, Xianyang; Diamond, Matthew; Zhang, Jie-Yu; Weinstein, Harel; Wang, Lu-Hai; Werther, Lawrence; Itzkowitz, Steven
2014-01-07; 0016-5085,Gastroenterology - id: 714302, year: 2006 Comparative Study; Journal Article; Research Support, N.I.H., Extramural; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't