Mark D. DeLacure

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Mark D. DeLacure, M.D.

Associate Professor; George E. Hall Associate Professor of Head and Neck Cancer Research;
Departments of Neurosurgery (Neurosurgery), Otolaryngology (Otolaryngology) and Plastic Surgery
NYU Otolaryngology Associates

Clinical Addresses

160 East 34th Street
New York, NY 10016
Hours: Wed. 9 - 3; Thu. 9 - 12
Phone: 212-731-5329
Fax: 212-731-5502

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Medical Specialties

Cancer, Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery, ENT

Medical Expertise

Endocrine Surgery, Cosmetic/Reconstructive Surg., Skull Based Tumors, Head & Neck Cancer, Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery, Skin Cancer, Parathyroid Surgery, Laser Surgery, Head & Neck Surgery, Salivary Gland Surgery, Thyroid Surgery, Reconstructive Microsurgery

Dr. DeLacure is Chief of the Division of Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology. He is jointly appointed in the Department of Otolaryngology and in the Department of Surgery's Institute for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery; Board Certified in Plastic Surgery 1996-2006;



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Board Certification

1992 — Ab Otolaryngology - Otolaryngology
2012 — Ab Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery


1982-1986 — University of Florida, Medical Education
1986-1988 — Stanford University Medical Center (Surgery (General)), Residency Training
1988-1991 — Yale University School of Medicine (Otolaryngology), Residency Training
1991-1992 — Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (Head & Neck Surgery), Clinical Fellowships
1992-1994 — UCLA Medical Center (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery), Clinical Fellowships

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Research Interests

Translational therapeutics; Surgical applications of new technology; Osteosynthesis and implant biomaterials and biomechanics; Functional outcomes analysis

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