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Subgroups of New York City children at high risk of PTSD after the September 11 attacks: A signal detection analysis
Rosen, Craig S; Cohen, Michael
2012-02-05; 1075-2730,Psychiatric services - id: 113817, year: 2010

Spry2 expression correlates with BRAF mutation in thyroid cancer
Xu, Lizhong; Zhou, Jun Liang; Cohen, Michael; Bar-Sagi, Dafna; Patel, Kepal N
2012-02-05; 1532-7361,Surgery - id: 115281, year: 2010

betaTrCP- and Rsk1/2-mediated degradation of BimEL inhibits apoptosis
Dehan, Elinor; Bassermann, Florian; Guardavaccaro, Daniele; Vasiliver-Shamis, Gaia; Cohen, Michael; Lowes, Kym N; Dustin, Michael; Huang, David C S; Taunton, Jack; Pagano, Michele
2012-02-05; 1097-4164,Molecular cell - id: 92189, year: 2009 Journal Article

Coordinated chemoradiation therapy with genital preservation for the treatment of primary invasive carcinoma of the male urethra
Cohen, Michael S; Triaca, Veronica; Billmeyer, Brian; Hanley, Robert S; Girshovich, Lyubov; Shuster, Todd; Oberfield, Richard A; Zinman, Leonard
2012-02-05; 1527-3792,Journal of urology - id: 96887, year: 2008 Journal Article

Psychopathology among New York city public school children 6 months after September 11
Hoven, Christina W; Duarte, Cristiane S; Lucas, Christopher P; Wu, Ping; Mandell, Donald J; Goodwin, Renee D; Cohen, Michael; Balaban, Victor; Woodruff, Bradley A; Bin, Fan; Musa, George J; Mei, Lori; Cantor, Pamela A; Aber, J Lawrence; Cohen, Patricia; Susser, Ezra
2012-02-05; 0003-990X,Archives of general psychiatry - id: 68173, year: 2005 Comparative Study; Journal Article