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MAGE-A inhibits apoptosis in proliferating multiple myeloma cells
Nardiello, T; Mei, A; Jungbluth, A J; Cho, H J
2012-07-24; 1752-8054,Clinical & translational science - id: 173066, year: 2012

MAGE-A Inhibits Apoptosis in Proliferating Myeloma Cells through Repression of Bax and Maintenance of Survivin
Nardiello, Tricia; Jungbluth, Achim A; Mei, Anna; Diliberto, Maurizio; Huang, Xiangao; Dabrowski, Ania; Andrade, Valeria C C; Wasserstrum, Rebecca; Ely, Scott; Niesvizky, Ruben; Pearse, Roger; Coleman, Morton; Jayabalan, David S; Bhardwaj, Nina; Old, Lloyd J; Chen-Kiang, Selina; Cho, Hearn Jay
2012-02-05; 1078-0432,Clinical cancer research - id: 134910, year: 2011

Cellular immune responses against CT7 (MAGE-C1) and humoral responses against other cancer-testis antigens in multiple myeloma patients
Lendvai, Nikoletta; Gnjatic, Sacha; Ritter, Erika; Mangone, Michael; Austin, Wayne; Reyner, Karina; Jayabalan, David; Niesvizky, Ruben; Jagannath, Sundar; Bhardwaj, Nina; Chen-Kiang, Selina; Old, Lloyd J; Cho, Hearn Jay
2012-02-05; 1424-9634,Cancer imunity - id: 106505, year: 2010 Journal Article

MAGE A Inhibits Apoptosis In Proliferating Multiple Myeloma Cells
Nardiello, Tricia; Jungbluth, Achim A.; Mei, Anna; DiLiberto, Maunzio; Huang, Xiangao; Ely, Scott A.; Niesvizky, Ruben; Coleman, Morton; Pearse, Roger N.; Jayabalan, David; Old, Lloyd J.; Kiang, Selina Chen; Cho, Hearn J.
2012-02-05; 0006-4971,Blood - id: 130861, year: 2010

High-resolution MRI of internal field diffusion-weighting in trabecular bone
Sigmund, E E; Cho, H; Song, Y-Q
2012-02-05; 1099-1492,NMR in biomedicine - id: 111667, year: 2009 Journal Article