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Nelson Chavarria

Department of Medicine (Medicine)

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Increased levels of retinol binding protein 4 in patients with advanced heart failure correct after hemodynamic improvement through ventricular assist device placement
Chavarria, Nelson; Kato, Tomoko S; Khan, Raffay; Chokshi, Aalap; Collado, Elias; Akashi, Hirokazu; Takayama, Hiroo; Naka, Yoshifumi; Farr, Maryjane; Mancini, Donna; Schulze, P Christian
2012 ;76(9):2148-2152, Circulation journal
— id: 979712, year: 2012, vol: 76, page: 2148, stat: Journal Article,

Assessment of metoprolol tartrate dosage in the outpatient setting
Kerwin, Todd; Chavarria, Nelson
2012 Oct;69(19):1622-1626, American journal of health-system pharmacy. AJHP
— id: 979722, year: 2012, vol: 69, page: 1622, stat: Journal Article,

Epicardial fat volume in patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction
Khawaja, Tuba; Greer, Christine; Chokshi, Aalap; Chavarria, Nelson; Thadani, Samir; Jones, Meaghan; Schaefle, Kenneth; Bhatia, Ketan; Collado, J Elias; Shimbo, Daichi; Einstein, Andrew J; Schulze, P Christian
2011 Aug;108(3):397-401, American journal of cardiology
— id: 161660, year: 2011, vol: 108, page: 397, stat: Journal Article,

Unicuspid aortic valve in a patient with Streptococcus bovis endocarditis
Chavarria, Nelson; Kozeski, George; Luo, Jean; Lim, Vivian
2009 Nov;18(6):731-732, Journal of heart valve disease
— id: 161661, year: 2009, vol: 18, page: 731, stat: Journal Article,

Modulating metastasis by a lymphangiogenic switch in prostate cancer
Brakenhielm, Ebba; Burton, Jeremy B; Johnson, Mai; Chavarria, Nelson; Morizono, Kouki; Chen, Irvin; Alitalo, Kari; Wu, Lily
2007 Nov;121(10):2153-2161, International journal of cancer
— id: 161662, year: 2007, vol: 121, page: 2153, stat: Journal Article,