John F. Carew

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John F. Carew

Clinical Assistant Professor;
Department of Otolaryngology (Otolaryngology)

Clinical Addresses

NEW YORK, NY 10021
Hours: Mon. 8 - 5; Tue. 8 - 5; Wed. 8 - 5; Thu. 8 - 5; Fri. 8 - 5
Handicap Access: yes
Phone: 212-744-1941
Fax: 212-744-2061

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Medical Specialties

ENT, Otolaryngology

Medical Expertise

Laryngeal Cancer, Head & Neck Surgery, Paranasal Sinus Disorders, Rhinology, Oral Cancers, Head & Neck Tumors, Thyroid Surgery, Neck Masses, Rhinitis, Tonsillitis




AETNA HMO, AETNA INDEMNITY, AETNA MEDICARE, AETNA POS, AETNA PPO, Aetna EPO, Cigna EPO, Cigna HMO, Cigna Indemnity, Cigna POS, Cigna PPO, Empire BC/BS, Empire BC/BS PPO, Empire BCBS EPO, Empire BCBS HMO, Empire BCBS Indemnity, Empire BCBS MediBlue (Medicare), Empire BCBS POS, Empire BCBS PPO, Medicare, UHC EPO, UHC HMO, UHC MEDICARE, UHC POS, UHC PPO, UHC TOP TIER, United Indemnity

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Board Certification

1998 — Ab Otolaryngology - Otolaryngology


1987-1991 — Cornell University Medical College, Medical Education
1991-1993 — NY Presbyterian Hops- Cornell Hospital Ctr (Surgery), Internship
1991-1993 — NY Presbyterian Hops- Cornell Hospital Ctr (Surgery), Residency Training
1993-1997 — Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital (Otolaryngology), Residency Training
1997-1999 — Memorial Sloan Kettering (Otolarnygology), Clinical Fellowships

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Extended neck dissection
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