Caralee E. Caplan-Shaw

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Caralee E. Caplan-Shaw, M.D.

Research Assistant Professor;
Department of Medicine (Pulmy&CCM Div)

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Tuberculous prostate abscesses in an immunocompetent patient: A dramatic presentation of disseminated tuberculosis
Johnson, Matthew G; Caplan-Shaw, Caralee E; McMacken, Michelle
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Elevated peripheral eosinophils are associated with new-onset and persistent wheeze and airflow obstruction in world trade center-exposed individuals
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Lung pathologic findings in a local residential and working community exposed to world trade center dust, gas, and fumes
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Osteoporosis in diffuse parenchymal lung disease
Caplan-Shaw, Caralee E; Arcasoy, Selim M; Shane, Elizabeth; Lederer, David J; Wilt, Jessie S; O'Shea, Mitchell K; Addesso, Vicki; Sonett, Joshua R; Kawut, Steven M
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Racial and ethnic disparities in survival in lung transplant candidates with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
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