Stuart M. Brown

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Stuart M. Brown, Ph.D.

Associate Professor; Dir of the Sequencing Informatics Group of CHIBI; Oper Dir Best Prac Integrative Svc Core CHIBI; Dir Resh Computing Resource & Biofrmatics
Department of Cell Biology (Cell Biology)

Contact Info

227 East 30th Street
Center for Health Informatics and Bioinformatics Floor 7 Room 747
Translational Research Building
New York, NY 10016


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— Dr. Brown was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Plant Molecular Biology and the University of Manitoba and subsequently a Research Scientist at the USDA-ARS Plant Genetics Resources Unit in Griffin, GA, PostDoctoral Training
1992 — Cornell University, Graduate Education

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Research Summary

Bioinformatics is a rapidly growing area that addresses the use of computers for the acquisition, management, and analysis of biological information. The explosion of interest in bioinformatics in the past few years has been driven by the tremendous growth of DNA sequencing technology. Investigators use sequencing techniques for a variety of genomics applications but requrie bioinformatics skills to support this work.

I act as bioinformatics consultant for NYU Medical Center, collaborating as needed on a wide range of research projects. The extent of these collaborations ranges from a few consultation meetings to co-investigator on NIH grants. I am currently working on projects that include metagenomics (Human Microbiome Project), the genetic variation in the malaria parasite, and analysis of RNA-seq data from a variety of clinical and basic science research projects. Other projects that I have recently worked on include discovery of antigens using a pattern based search of complete genome sequences, Search for bacterial genes linked to severe dental caries, and an evolutionary analysis of the mammalian glucosidase gene family.

Research Interests


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Get your bioinformatics on the Web!
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Be alert: free sequence alerting services
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Sequence similarity searches on the World Wide Web
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Advanced similarity searches on the Web: Gapped BLAST, PSI-BLAST, FASTA 3.0 and INCA
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