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David Brook

Professor, Department of Psychiatry

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215 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016


Conjoint trajectories of depressive symptoms and delinquent behavior predicting substance use disorders
Brook, Judith S; Lee, Jung Yeon; Finch, Stephen J; Brook, David W
2015-01-07; 0306-4603,Addictive behaviors - id: 1422952, year: 2015 Journal Article

Insomnia in adults: the impact of earlier cigarette smoking from adolescence to adulthood
Brook, Judith S; Zhang, Chenshu; Rubenstone, Elizabeth; Brook, David W
2015-02-02; 1932-0620,Journal of addiction medicine : JAM - id: 1448402, year: 2015 Journal Article

Joint Trajectories of Smoking and Depressive Mood: Associations with Later Low Perceived Self-Control and Low Well-Being
Brook, David W; Brook, Judith S; Zhang, Chenshu
2014-02-13; 1055-0887,Journal of addictive diseases - id: 801692, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Predictors of Childhood Depressed Mood: A Two-Generational Study
Brook, DW; Lee, JY; Morojele, NK; Rosenberg, G; Brook, JS
2015-02-06; 1062-1024,Journal of child & family studies - id: 1454772, year: 2014

ADHD, Conduct Disorder, Substance Use Disorder, and Nonprescription Stimulant Use
Brook, Judith S; Balka, Elinor B; Zhang, Chenshu; Brook, David W
2014-09-16; 1087-0547,Journal of attention disorders - id: 1193942, year: 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE