Carolyn B Cates

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Carolyn Cates

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics

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462 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Primary Care Parenting Intervention and Its Effects on the Use of Physical Punishment Among Low-Income Parents of Toddlers
Canfield, Caitlin F; Weisleder, Adriana; Cates, Carolyn B; Huberman, Harris S; Dreyer, Benard P; Legano, Lori A; Johnson, Samantha Berkule; Seery, Anne; Mendelsohn, Alan L
2015-09-20; 1536-7312,Journal of developmental & behavioral pediatrics - id: 1779312, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Leveraging healthcare to promote responsive parenting: Impacts of the video interaction project on parenting stress
Cates, Carolyn Brockmeyer; Weisleder, Adriana; Dreyer, Benard P; Berkule Johnson, Samantha; Vlahovicova, Kristina; Ledesma, Jennifer; Mendelsohn, Alan L
2015-09-03; 1573-2843,Journal of child & family studies - id: 1754212, year: 2015

Perceptions about parental engagement among hispanic immigrant mothers of first graders from low-income backgrounds
Johnson, Samantha Berkule; Arevalo, Jenny; Cates, Carolyn Brockmeyer; Weisleder, Adriana; Dreyer, Benard P; Mendelsohn, Alan L
2015-09-17; 1573-1707,Early childhood education journal - id: 1776022, year: 2015

Using a narrative- and play-based activity to promote low-income preschoolers' oral language, emergent literacy, and social competence
Nicolopoulou, Ageliki; Cortina, Kai Schnabel; Ilgaz, Hande; Cates, Carolyn Brockmeyer; de Sa, Aline B
2015-04-20; 0885-2006,Early childhood research quarterly - id: 1532722, year: 2015 JOURNAL ARTICLE

Reducing maternal depressive symptoms through promotion of parenting in pediatric primary care
Berkule, Samantha B; Cates, Carolyn Brockmeyer; Dreyer, Benard P; Huberman, Harris S; Arevalo, Jenny; Burtchen, Nina; Weisleder, Adriana; Mendelsohn, Alan L
2014-04-24; 0009-9228,Clinical pediatrics - id: 889452, year: 2014 Journal Article