Gary Belkin

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Gary Belkin, M.D., Ph.D, M.P.H.

Adjunct Associate Professor; Deputy Director, Psychiatry; Director Program in Global Mental Health
Department of Psychiatry

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, NY


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2000 — Harvard Univ, Graduate Education

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Impact and accountability: improvement as a competency challenges the purposes of bioethics
Belkin, Gary
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Grand challenges: integrating mental health services into priority health care platforms
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The 2010 haiti earthquake response
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Mental health response in haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake: a case study for building long-term solutions
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Scaling up for the "bottom billion": "5 x 5" implementation of community mental health care in low-income regions
Belkin, Gary S; Unutzer, Jurgen; Kessler, Ronald C; Verdeli, Helen; Raviola, Giuseppe J; Sachs, Katherine; Oswald, Catherine; Eustache, Eddy
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Teaching "global mental health": psychiatry residency directors' attitudes and practices regarding international opportunities for psychiatry residents
Belkin, Gary S; Yusim, Anna; Anbarasan, Deepti; Bernstein, Carol Ann
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Reducing the use of seclusion and restraint in psychiatric emergency and adult inpatient services- improving patient-centered care
Wale, Joyce B; Belkin, Gary S; Moon, Robert
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Mental health and the development agenda in Sub-Saharan Africa
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Misconceived bioethics?: The misconception of the "therapeutic misconception"
Belkin, Gary S
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Internationalism and the future of academic psychiatry
Belkin, Gary S; Fricchione, Gregory L
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Moving beyond bioethics: history and the search for medical humanism
Belkin, Gary S
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Brain death and the historical understanding of bioethics
Belkin, Gary S
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Hard questions in court culture and psychiatry on trial
Belkin, Gary S
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Self-restraint, self-examination: a historical perspective on restraints and ethics in psychiatry
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A tour of bioethics: where does the mind fit in?
Belkin, G S
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Causation about what? Relevant to whom?: Linking psyche and society. A commentary on Nissim Mizrachi's "from causation to correlation."
Belkin, G S
2001 Sep;25(3):345-9; discussion 351, Culture, medicine & psychiatry
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Toward a historical ethics
Belkin, G S
2001 Summer;10(3):345-350, Cambridge quarterly of healthcare ethics : CQ
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Bioethics: using its historical and social context
Belkin, G S; Brandt, A M
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Writing about their science: American interest in Soviet psychiatry during the post-Stalin Cold War
Belkin, G S
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History and bioethics: the uses of Thomas Percival
Belkin, G S
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The technocratic wish: making sense and finding power in the "managed" medical marketplace
Belkin, G S
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Moral insanity, science and religion in nineteenth-century America: the Gray-Ray debate
Belkin, G S
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The new science of medicine
Belkin, G S
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Physical symptoms and depressive symptoms among individuals with HIV infection
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