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Andrew Bate

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

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Quantitative Signal Detection and Analysis in Pharmacovigilance
Bate, A; Pariente, A; Hauben, M; Béud, B
2015-06-01; , - id: 1606002, year: 2014

Logistic regression in signal detection: another piece added to the puzzle
Caster, O; Noren, G N; Madigan, D; Bate, A
2013-09-19; 0009-9236,Clinical pharmacology & therapeutics - id: 540402, year: 2013 Journal Article

An evaluation of the THIN database in the OMOP Common Data Model for active drug safety surveillance
Zhou, Xiaofeng; Murugesan, Sundaresan; Bhullar, Harshvinder; Liu, Qing; Cai, Bing; Wentworth, Chuck; Bate, Andrew
2013-04-19; 0114-5916,Drug safety - id: 297772, year: 2013 Journal Article

Defining 'surveillance' in drug safety
Aronson, Jeffrey K; Hauben, Manfred; Bate, Andrew
2012-04-30; 0114-5916,Drug safety - id: 165662, year: 2012 Journal Article

Terminological challenges in safety surveillance
Bate, Andrew; Brown, Elliot G; Goldman, Stephen A; Hauben, Manfred
2012-02-24; 0114-5916,Drug safety - id: 157306, year: 2012 Comment; Journal Article