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David J. Alfandre, M.D., M.P.H.

Assistant Professor;
Departments of Population Health and Medicine (GIM Div)

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423 East 23rd St
Floor 16th Room 16083AS
Veterans Administration
New York, NY 10010


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Reconsidering against medical advice discharges
Alfandre, David
2014 May;29(5):706-706, Journal of general internal medicine
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Discharges against medical advice--reply
Alfandre, David; Schumann, John Henning
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Reconsidering against medical advice discharges: embracing patient-centeredness to promote high quality care and a renewed research agenda
Alfandre, David
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What is wrong with discharges against medical advice (and how to fix them)
Alfandre, David; Schumann, John Henning
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Trends in Ethics consultation practices in a large health system
Alfandre, D; Berkowitz, K; Fox, E
2012 July 2012;27:S339-S339, Journal of general internal medicine
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Reconceiving the relationship and supporting physician responsibility
Alfandre, David
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The Parallels between Parenting and Patient Care
Alfandre, David
2012 Feb;27(2):258-259, Journal of general internal medicine
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To the editor
Alfandre, D
2011 January/February 2011;52(1):18-, Psychosomatics
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Alfandre, David
2011 Jan-Feb;52(1):95-96, Psychosomatics
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Response to: "Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders in Suicidal Patients: Clinical, Ethical, and Legal Dilemmas"
Alfandre, David
2011 Sep-Oct;52(5):498-498, Psychosomatics
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"I'm going home": discharges against medical advice
Alfandre, David J
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Do all physicians need to recognize countertransference?
Alfandre, David Jeremy
2009 Oct;9(10):38-39, American journal of bioethics : AJOB
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Hepatitis C in an urban cohort: who's not being treated?
Alfandre, David; Gardenier, Donald; Federman, Alex; McGinn, Thomas
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From "I'm not staying!" to "I'm not leaving!": ethics, communication, and empathy in complicated medical discharges
Alfandre, David
2008 Oct;75(5):466-471, Mount Sinai journal of medicine
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Validation of a hepatitis C screening tool in primary care
McGinn, Thomas; O'Connor-Moore, Nicola; Alfandre, David; Gardenier, Donald; Wisnivesky, Juan
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Physician attitudes toward opioid prescribing for patients with persistent noncancer pain
Lin, Jenny J; Alfandre, David; Moore, Carlton
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Treating chronic hepatitis C in the primary care setting
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