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Hyponatremia: A risk factor for early overt encephalopathy after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt creation
Merola, J; Chaudhary, N; Qian, M; Jow, A; Barboza, K; Charles, H; Teperman, L; Sigal, S
2014-05-06; 2077-0383,Journal of clinical medicine - id: 953552, year: 2014

Influence of Race on Hepatocellular Cancer Surveillance Rates in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C: The VA Experience
Wan, David; Maratt, Jennifer; Greeder, Luba; Jow, Alexander; Xu, Tao; Tenner, Craig; Francois, Fritz
2015-01-29; 1572-0241,American journal of gastroenterology - id: 1443742, year: 2014

Tips creation is tolerated by patients with portal vein thrombosis with high meld scores
Merola, J; Chaudhary, N; Jow, A; Charles, H W; Teperman, L; Sigal, S
2013-05-23; 0168-8278,Journal of hepatology - id: 349502, year: 2013

Complication of cardiac air embolism during ERCP and EUS-assisted cyst-gastrostomy for pancreatic pseudocyst
Jow, Alexander Z; Wan, David
2014-05-10; 0016-5107,Gastrointestinal endoscopy - id: 967322, year: 2012 Case Reports; Journal Article