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Ankit Dineshkant Parikh, M.D.

; Medical Student
Departments of Medicine (Medicine) and House Staff (Internal Medicine)

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Cystatin C-based glomerular filtration rate: An improved predictor of mortality
Milin, A; Parikh, A; Lipsitz, S R; Natarajan, S
2012 July 2012;27:S151-S152, Journal of general internal medicine
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Association between food insufficiency and mortality: Joint effect with income on all-cause and cause-specific mortality
Zhu, J; Parikh, A; Lipsitz, S R; Natarajan, S
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Iron Deficiency in Community-Dwelling US Adults With Self-Reported Heart Failure in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III: Prevalence and Associations With Anemia and Inflammation
Parikh, Ankit; Natarajan, Sundar; Lipsitz, Stuart R; Katz, Stuart D
2011 Sep 1;4(5):599-606, Circulation: Heart failure
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Prevalence of Functional Iron Deficiency in Adults With Heart Failure and Associations With Anemia, Inflammation, and Mortality
Parikh, Ankit D.; Natarajan, Sundar; Lipsitz, Stuart R.; Katz, Stuart D.
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Association Between a DASH-Like Diet and Mortality in Adults With Hypertension: Findings From a Population-Based Follow-Up Study
Parikh, Ankit; Lipsitz, Stuart R; Natarajan, Sundar
2009 Apr;22(4):409-416, American journal of hypertension
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