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Jacqueline M Achkar, M.D.

Clinical Instructor;
Departments of Pediatrics (Pediatrics) and Medicine (ID&Immun Div)

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423 East 23 Street
Veterans Administration
New York, NY 10010

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Role of B Cells and Antibodies in Acquired Immunity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Achkar, Jacqueline M; Chan, John; Casadevall, Arturo
2014 Oct;:140069-140069, Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine
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The role of B cells and humoral immunity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
Chan, John; Mehta, Simren; Bharrhan, Sushma; Chen, Yong; Achkar, Jacqueline M; Casadevall, Arturo; Flynn, JoAnne
2014 Oct;26(6):588-600, Seminars in immunology
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Mycobacterial Membrane Vesicles Administered Systemically in Mice Induce a Protective Immune Response to Surface Compartments of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Prados-Rosales, Rafael; Carreno, Leandro J; Batista-Gonzalez, Ana; Baena, Andres; Venkataswamy, Manjunatha M; Xu, Jiayong; Yu, Xiaobo; Wallstrom, Garrick; Magee, D Mitchell; LaBaer, Joshua; Achkar, Jacqueline M; Jacobs, William R Jr; Chan, John; Porcelli, Steven A; Casadevall, Arturo
2014 ;5(5):831-844, MBio
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Antibodies against Mycobacterial Proteins as Biomarkers for HIV-associated Smear-negative Tuberculosis
Siev, Michael; Wilson, Douglas; Kainth, Supreet; Kasprowicz, Victoria O; Feintuch, Catherine M; Jenny-Avital, Elisabeth; Achkar, Jacqueline M
2014 Mar;:448-455, Clinical & vaccine immunology
— id: 894462, year: 2014, vol: , page: 448, stat: Journal Article,

Antibody-mediated immunity against tuberculosis: implications for vaccine development
Achkar, Jacqueline M; Casadevall, Arturo
2013 Mar;13(3):250-262, Cell host & microbe
— id: 894442, year: 2013, vol: 13, page: 250, stat: Journal Article,

Immunogenicity of mycobacterial vesicles in humans: identification of a new tuberculosis antibody biomarker
Ziegenbalg, Anke; Prados-Rosales, Rafael; Jenny-Avital, Elisabeth R; Kim, Ryung S; Casadevall, Arturo; Achkar, Jacqueline M
2013 Jul;93(4):448-455, Tuberculosis (Edinburgh, Scotland)
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Antibody responses to mycobacterial antigens in children with tuberculosis: challenges and potential diagnostic value
Achkar, Jacqueline M; Ziegenbalg, Anke
2012 Dec;19(12):1898-1906, Clinical & vaccine immunology
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Comparative Evaluation of Profiles of Antibodies to Mycobacterial Capsular Polysaccharides in Tuberculosis Patients and Controls Stratified by HIV Status
Yu, Xian; Prados-Rosales, Rafael; Jenny-Avital, Elisabeth R; Sosa, Katherine; Casadevall, Arturo; Achkar, Jacqueline M
2012 Feb;19(2):198-208, Clinical & vaccine immunology
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Incipient and subclinical tuberculosis: defining early disease states in the context of host immune response
Achkar, Jacqueline M; Jenny-Avital, Elizabeth R
2011 Nov;204 Suppl 4:S1179-S1186, Journal of infectious diseases
— id: 158243, year: 2011, vol: 204 Suppl 4, page: S1179, stat: Journal Article,

Adjunctive tests for diagnosis of tuberculosis: serology, ELISPOT for site-specific lymphocytes, urinary lipoarabinomannan, string test, and fine needle aspiration
Achkar, Jacqueline M; Lawn, Stephen D; Moosa, Mahomed-Yunus S; Wright, Colleen A; Kasprowicz, Victoria O
2011 Nov;204 Suppl 4:S1130-S1141, Journal of infectious diseases
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The tuberculosis and HIV epidemic in South Africa and the KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV
Kasprowicz, Victoria O; Achkar, Jacqueline M; Wilson, Douglas
2011 Nov;204 Suppl 4:S1099-S1101, Journal of infectious diseases
— id: 158245, year: 2011, vol: 204 Suppl 4, page: S1099, stat: Journal Article,

Correlation between serum and plasma antibody titers to mycobacterial antigens
Siev, Michael; Yu, Xian; Prados-Rosales, Rafael; Martiniuk, Frank T; Casadevall, Arturo; Achkar, Jacqueline M
2011 Jan;18(1):173-175, Clinical & vaccine immunology
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Candida infections of the genitourinary tract
Achkar, Jacqueline M; Fries, Bettina C
2010 Apr;23(2):253-273, Clinical microbiology reviews
— id: 158246, year: 2010, vol: 23, page: 253, stat: Journal Article,

Antibodies against immunodominant antigens of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in subjects with suspected tuberculosis in the United States compared by HIV status
Achkar, Jacqueline M; Jenny-Avital, Elisabeth; Yu, Xian; Burger, Susanne; Leibert, Eric; Bilder, Patrick W; Almo, Steven C; Casadevall, Arturo; Laal, Suman
2010 Mar;17(3):384-392, Clinical & vaccine immunology
— id: 133488, year: 2010, vol: 17, page: 384, stat: Journal Article,

Ethical considerations about reporting research results with potential for further stigmatization of undocumented immigrants
Achkar, Jacqueline M; Macklin, Ruth
2009 May;48(9):1250-1253, Clinical infectious diseases
— id: 158247, year: 2009, vol: 48, page: 1250, stat: Journal Article,

Differences in clinical presentation among persons with pulmonary tuberculosis: a comparison of documented and undocumented foreign-born versus US-born persons
Achkar, Jacqueline M; Sherpa, Tsering; Cohen, Hillel W; Holzman, Robert S
2008 Nov 15;47(10):1277-1283, Clinical infectious diseases
— id: 96666, year: 2008, vol: 47, page: 1277, stat: Journal Article,

Immunological options for the treatment of tuberculosis: evaluation of novel therapeutic approaches
Achkar, Jacqueline M; Casadevall, Arturo; Glatman-Freedman, Aharona
2007 Jun;5(3):461-474, Expert review of anti-infective therapy
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Mycobacterium tuberculosis malate synthase- and MPT51-based serodiagnostic assay as an adjunct to rapid identification of pulmonary tuberculosis
Achkar, Jacqueline M; Dong, Yuxin; Holzman, Robert S; Belisle, John; Kourbeti, Irene S; Sherpa, Tsering; Condos, Rany; Rom, William N; Laal, Suman
2006 Nov;13(11):1291-1293, Clinical & vaccine immunology
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Genetic analysis of HIV-1 strains in rural eastern Cameroon indicates the evolution of second-generation recombinants to circulating recombinant forms
Konings, Frank A J; Haman, Greg R; Xue, Yile; Urbanski, Mateusz M; Hertzmark, Kathryn; Nanfack, Aubin; Achkar, Jacqueline M; Burda, Sherri T; Nyambi, Phillipe N
2006 Jul;42(3):331-341, Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes. JAIDS
— id: 67385, year: 2006, vol: 42, page: 331, stat: Journal Article,

Neutralizing antibody patterns and viral escape in HIV-1 non-B subtype chronically infected treatment-naive individuals
Kelly, Halonna R; Urbanski, Mateusz; Burda, Sherri; Zhong, Ping; Konings, Frank; Nanfack, Joseph; Tongo, Marcel; Kinge, Thompson; Achkar, Jacqueline; Nyambi, Phillipe
2005 ;14(3-4):89-99, Human antibodies
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Infection With HIV Type 1 Group M Non-B Subtypes in Individuals Living in New York City
Achkar, Jacqueline M; Burda, Sherri T; Konings, Frank A J; Urbanski, Mateusz M; Williams, Constance A U; Seifen, Dorothee; Kahirimbanyi, Martha N; Vogler, Mary; Parta, Mark; Lupatkin, Helene C; Zolla-Pazner, Susan; Nyambi, Phillipe N
2004 Jul 1;36(3):835-844, Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes. JAIDS
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Protease mutations in HIV-1 non-B strains infecting drug-naive villagers in Cameroon
Konings FA; Zhong P; Agwara M; Agyingi L; Zekeng L; Achkar JM; Ewane L; Saa; Afane Ze E; Kinge T; Nyambi PN
2004 Feb;20(1):105-109, AIDS research & human retroviruses
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Combined use of serum and urinary antibody for diagnosis of tuberculosis
Singh, Krishna K; Dong, Yuxin; Hinds, Laura; Keen, Marc A; Belisle, John T; Zolla-Pazner, Susan; Achkar, Jacqueline M; Nadas, Arthur J; Arora, Vijay K; Laal, Suman
2003 Aug 1;188(3):371-377, Journal of infectious diseases
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Polymerase chain reaction-based assay for antibody-mediated neutralization of HIV-1 reveals a population of nonneutralized virus undetected by conventional p24 assay [In Process Citation]
Achkar JM; Wang XH; Nyambi P; Gorny MK; Zolla-Pazner S; Bandres JC
2000 Jul 1;24(3):203-210, Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes. JAIDS
— id: 9227, year: 2000, vol: 24, page: 203, stat: Journal Article,

Health-related quality of life in patients with HIV and chronic hepatitis C: A comparative study
Bini, EJ; Baskies, MA; Achkar, JM; Maslow, MJ
2000 APR ;118(4):A1426-A1426, Gastroenterology
— id: 54574, year: 2000, vol: 118, page: A1426, stat: Journal Article,

Impact of HIV infection in health-related quality of life in patients with chronic hepatitis C: An unexpected finding
Bini, EJ; Baskies, MA; Achkar, JM; Maslow, MJ
2000 OCT ;32(4):283A-283A, Hepatology
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