Community Briefs

CSAAH Publication Community Briefs

CSAAH is implementing a new series of community briefs to share our research findings with the communities in which we work. View and download our community briefs below:

  • Diabetes Prevention in the New York City Sikh Asian Indian Community (2014)
  • Hypertension Among Filipino Immigrants (2014)
  • Diabetes and Associated Risk Factors Among Asian American Subgroups in NYC (2014)
  • A Community Health Worker Intervention to Improve Management of Hypertension among Filipino Americans in New York and New Jersey: A Pilot Study (2014)
  • Protocol for the DREAM Project (Diabetes Research, Education, and Action for Minorities): randomized trial of a community health worker intervention to improve diabetic management and control among Bangladeshi adults in NYC (2014)
  • Smoking among Asian Americans: Acculturation and Gender in the Context of Tobacco Control Policies in New York City (2013)
  • A Randomized-Controlled, Pilot Intervention on Diabetes Prevention and Health Lifestyles in the New York City Korean Community (2013)

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