September 2007

Science into hope

The caliber of our research, critical to how we are valued externally, is obviously essential to becoming a world-class medical center. Fortunately, we are rich in scientific talent, with a cadre of truly superb investigators pursuing new answers in our labs. 

Now what we need to do is broaden our research portfolio. To compete successfully for more federal funding—given the types of projects that the National Institutes of Health is giving priority to these days—we will need more cross-fertilization between the basic and clinical disciplines, as well as more collaboration among individual faculty members. We will need to organize and structure our investigative efforts, in other words, pulling together the expertise and perspectives from a variety of disciplines. 

We have enormous strengths in research.  The key now is to make the most of them.  And at the end of the day, accelerating development and discovery can only benefit our patients. I believe we must commit ourselves to translating science into hope.