May 2008

A cohesive unit, a powerful symbol and dream

As you may have heard, we are redesigning and renovating the 15th floor of HCC.  And you may have wondered why—with so much else that needs doing and with resources so tight—we’ve made it a priority project.  We actually thought long and hard about this, and I want to tell you what the thinking was.

Currently, the senior administrative leadership group is scattered half-way around the city, or so it feels—from Park Avenue to FDR Drive, and from 34th to 28th Street. To function effectively as a team, we need to be able to walk across the hall, not phone across town. 

The second factor involves donors, who as you know are absolutely vital to our future. For discussions with potential benefactors, we need a setting that inspires confidence that their gifts will be in good hands.

One thing HCC15 will not have is a series of huge conference rooms. Making the top floor “meeting central” put significant strain on elevators that should primarily be serving patients and families.  For large gatherings, we will use reconverted office space on the ground floor.

So, come June, the renovated 15th floor will serve three purposes. First, having our whole team share the same space will optimize workflow and promote functioning as a cohesive unit.  Second, it will bring School and Hospital leadership together for the very first time, a powerful symbol of what we are trying to accomplish.  And finally, it will signal to those who support us, or are considering supporting us, that our dream of becoming a world-class institution is within reach.