July 2007

An optimist

I am an optimist. That is the first, and perhaps most important, thing I want you to know about me as I step into my new role as dean and CEO.

I define optimism as the conviction that you can do what you set out to do. Thanks to all the talent and commitment you bring to work every day, this is a wonderful medical center. But I think you would agree that it has the potential for true greatness, and that we’re not there yet.

I want us to create that greatness together. For that to happen, you obviously need to get to know me—what I care about, what I believe in, and what I hope for. That is why I am starting this series of “fireside chats,” which I’m calling “In Touch.” You can expect one at least once a month, outlining my thoughts on a topic that matters to us all.

This is also my way of telling you that I will be listening hard in the months to come. I hope you will share your ideas, suggestions, and concerns with me in the same spirit that I share mine with you.