January 2008

Formal ceremonies

Last week, we had three important celebrations, with Employee Recognition ceremonies honoring individual excellence, team achievement, and milestone anniversaries of dedicated service to our Medical Center.  I hope these events have inspired two kinds of reflection: first, the extraordinary caliber of our colleagues; and second, the importance of being mindful of everyone’s contribution, all year long. 

The formal ceremonies are a wonderful tradition, because they open our eyes to remarkable accomplishments across the institution that we might not otherwise even be aware of.  They bring heroes and heroines out into the limelight where we can applaud all they give of themselves.  And they remind us just how many different forms of expertise it takes for an academic medical center to fulfill its mission. 

But once a year is just that—once a year.  I hope that, this week, we will make the commitment, going forward, to acknowledge each other at every possible turn.