August 2007


Unity. That’s my number one goal for our Medical Center. Though legally we are now one entity, in many ways we still have two superb silos, School and Hospitals, with connecting passageways here and there, but no real sense of shared identity. Changing that is absolutely critical. Simply put, the future of our School is dependent on the future of our Hospitals, and vice versa.

The overriding thrust in the world of medicine today involves tightening the links between the laboratory and the bedside to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. What stronger evidence could there be that the laboratory and the bedside at our Medical Center must belong to a strong, fully integrated whole?

I am counting on each of you—however deep your allegiance to the School or to the Hospitals—to extend your loyalty to the other side of the house. With the intensity of competition among healthcare institutions in New York, the very last thing we need is competition among ourselves!