Community Health Needs Assessment & Community Service Plan

In addition to providing the highest quality care for patients at our primary locations, we at NYU Langone Medical Center aim to apply our scientific and clinical strengths to support the health needs of the broader community.

Through the Community Health Needs Assessment and the partnerships outlined in our Community Service Plan, we seek to create a platform for evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention at the neighborhood level, fostering healthy behavior change and reducing risk factors for disease.

Aligning with New York State and New York City public health priorities, our three-year Community Service Plan (September 1, 2013-August 31, 2016) takes a child- and family-centered approach to reducing risk factors for obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer in New York City’s Lower East Side and Chinatown.

The partnerships at the core of our Plan will provide the foundation for improving health in these neighboring communities. Our community-based and government partners span four sectors: childcare programs and schools, housing developments, primary care settings, and local businesses.

Read our complete Community Health Needs Assessment/Community Service Plan.