Requests for Quotes

Please find below Request for Quote (RFQ) related to the Network Build out - Miscellaneous Supplies  

Your response is due by 5PM EST, Tuesday – October 28th.

Bidders Note: All questions regarding this RFQ must be submitted in writing only. Under no circumstances shall supplier contact any employee of NYUHC. Discussions on other business matters and not related to this RFQ are permitted.

Berg 30 – Request for Quotes for Network Build out – Miscellaneous Supplies
In support of NYU Hospitals Center Network build out in the “Berg” data center this vendor should provide a quote to supply miscellaneous items/supplies such as cables, patch cords, connectors, console servers, etc. from November 1, 2014 through March 30, 2015.

Here are the items that will be required for the build out:
1.       OM3/OM4 Fiber patch cords aqua color 50 micron – length 3meter; 5 meter ; 7 meter; 10 meter; 15 meter
2.       SM Fiber yellow color length 3 meter; 5 meter ; 10 meter
3.       Copper blue color  CAT 6a 7ft;20ft;25ft;
4.       GBIC Cisco SFP-10G-SR
5.       GBIC Cisco SFP-10G-LR
6.       GBIC Cisco X2-10G-SR
7.       GBIC Cisco X2-10G-LR
8.       GBIC Cisco SFP-1G-MMD

Please provide unit pricing. When submitting the quote please ensure to include time of how long the vendor can turn around the required supplies to support the build out.
When emailing Bids please use the following format in the subject field: Network Build out Miscellaneous Supplies  – Your Company Name