Requests for Quotes

Dear Supplier:

Please find below Request for Quote (RFQ) related to the FEMA CAP Grant Man the Berg During Build-out:

Your response is due by 5PM EST, Tuesday – January 27th

Bidders Note: All questions regarding this RFQ must be submitted in writing to only. Under no circumstances shall supplier contact any employee of NYUHC. Discussions on other business matters and not related to this RFQ are permitted.

Tentative Start Date: 02/02/2015
Tentative End Date: 06/30/2015

Scope of Work:

  1. Provide quality assurance of data and power cabling installation in the Berg-6 Data Center (including fiber and copper)
  2. Verify the installation of the Data Center meets the NYU and Industry Standards and assist in reviewing fiber and copper test results Quality Assurance of cable labels
  3. Review As-Builds and provide Project Team a punch list of issues, concerns and suggest corrective action
  4. Inspect hardware that is received in data center
  5. Assist in racking and stacking equipment in the data center
  6. Provide daily updates to activities completed in the data center
  7. Updating Rack Elevations and CI information
  8. Escorting vendors into the data center
  9. Ensuring only approved work is completed
  10. Ensure data center cleanliness, no trash is left in the data center 
  • All RESUMES should be in WORD DOCUMENT, .PDF will not be ACCEPTED
  • When emailing Bids please use the following format in the subject field: Man the Berg  – Your Company Name