Requests for Quotes

Please find below Request for Quote (RFQ) related to the FEMA CAP Grant - Network Security Lead

Your response is due by 5PM EST, Friday – October 31st.

Bidders Note: All questions regarding this RFQ must be submitted in writing only. Under no circumstances shall supplier contact any employee of NYUHC. Discussions on other business matters and not related to this RFQ are permitted.


  • Expert in F5/GTM design
  • CCIE

Milestones/Due Dates
1.       Complete and document F5 design for Berg 1st draft 11/30/14
2.       Review F5 design with Network security and finalize/document design changes- 2nd draft 12/30/14
3.       Complete F5 build plan for Berg 12/1/2015 - 1/20/15


  • If sending more than one resume, please IDENTIFY PRIMARY Candidate
  • Please provide fixed price bid
  • When emailing Bids please use the following formate in the subject field: Network Security Lead - Your Company Name

Thank you for participating in this RFQ.