January 2011

Years of Service

As of this month, 989 people have contributed at least 25 years of service to our Medical Center. As someone who has yet to earn my 10-year pin (though I will this year!), I find that a remarkable achievement. 

And I thought it important for those of us who are younger to the organization (and those of you are younger, period!) to pause for a moment to reflect on how much we owe those who have carried, and continue to carry, our legacy.

These are people who have stuck by our institution through thick and thin, including during times when “job-hopping” was easy. They’ve lived through almost unimaginable technological, regulatory, and organizational changes that have challenged them again and again and again.

The pride and sense of connection that have kept them here—along with their deep institutional knowledge and their willingness to keep updating their skills—constitute an invaluable resource for our institution, whether in terms of mentoring, team building, or creating the bridge between our past and future. Many of the most passionate, insightful, productive suggestions I’ve heard since becoming dean and CEO have come from these long-term members of our community.

Evidence is all around us that loyalty has become a disturbingly rare quality in our country. So to have in our midst so many dedicated people, who year after year have continued to bring energy, caring, and adaptability to the work they do, is extraordinary.

If you are one of those people, bravo…and thank you!