December 2010

Being Grateful

As this year of remarkable achievement for our Medical Center draws to a close, I’ve been thinking how lucky we are and how much we have to be grateful for. 

To be part of such a truly exceptional team of people, supported by such magnanimous donors, is a rare privilege. And at a time when so many individuals—even entire communities—face hardship, we are incredibly fortunate that things are going so well for us. 

For sure, we have all worked very hard to earn our success, and there is certainly deep satisfaction in that. But having been given the chance to prove ourselves is, in and of itself, an advantage that many people don’t have.

Most importantly, perhaps, we are privileged to do work that is focused on the greater good. When you consider how many of our faculty and staff find ways to give back—whether in far-flung parts of the world or right next door—you see that generosity is one of the forces that most deeply defines us. 

In this holiday season—so important to so many faiths—I think that is cause for real celebration. I thank all of you for the talent, effort and energy you contribute, and wish the very best to you and those you love.